The scope of the company's activities is very wide - we particularly focus on welding and assembly services and investment process management.


We specialize in assembly

  • Installations, pipelines and tanks for cryogenic gases - liquefied
  • Gasification stations and gas reduction stations
  • Evaporators & gas heaters: atmospheric, water and electric
  • Cryogenic flexible and VIFH hoses (vacuum insulated)
  • Compressed air and steam stations designed to meet customer needs
  • Dry ice plants
  • Nitrogen and oxygen plants

We successfully implement and cooperate with other entities on research and development projects related to the industrial use of cryogenic gases both in Poland and around the world.


Our team has many years of experience in the assembly and commissioning of compressed and liquefied gas installations such as:

  • Atmospheric: O2, N2, Ar, CO2, He, H2 and their mixtures
  • Technical gases C2H2, CnHm
  • Gas fuels: LPG, LNG, pure hydrocarbons (including Butane)
  • Gas chemistry and Freons (refrigerants)
  • Implementation of scientific and research projects
  • Prototyping devices and components for the industrial use of gases at cryogenic temperatures

As subcontractors of foreign entities, we have performed a number of implementation tasks

  • Process control for the chemical industry and cryogenics, manufacturing processes, transmission systems and networks, chemical and gas storage modules
  • Modernization of machines for the food industry: food processing machines, packaging machines, deep freezing and quick cooking machines; distilling and egg processing
  • Water and sewage management, filtration and purification of water and sewage, water quality analyses, pumping stations and retention tanks
  • Gas industry, reduction stations and plants, ventilation automation, gas analysis and atmosphere protection, atmosphere monitoring systems

Assembly, welding and industrial construction

  • Welding of carbon and stainless steel, non-ferrous metal alloys
  • Installation of technological lines
  • Assembly and welding of steel structures
  • Renovations and modernizations, dismantling

As part of assembly projects, we carried out tasks for industries

  • Chemical industry and cryogenics
  • Commercial energy and heat and power plants, waste incineration plants and exchanger nodes
  • Metallurgy and processing of steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Chłodnictwo i wentylacja; stacje sprężarkowe; oczyszczanie gazów i Refrigeration and ventilation; compressor stations; gas and air purification
  • Heat exchangers and heaters
  • Petrochemistry and mining industry
  • Food industry in compliance with applicable standards
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical gas installations in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia standards
  • Glass industry and shielding gas installations